the end

it's time to end this fiasco, i took a hiatus for far too long, and feel i can't contribute here anymore. one day it may resurface, with brand new sarcasm.

until then...off the radar.


this little piggy...

didn't go to the market, stay home or cry "wee wee wee" all the way home. although, when i'm done, he just might.

i've been trying a new tactic when i meet people that are beyond the circle of my steady growing group of friends. i'm still nice and well-mannered, but i proceed with caution. things, and people, are not always what they seem. and as pessimistic as it is going to sound, it's the truth. and i've just about had it to HERE, trusting people who aren't that worthy of it.

i know you're all thinking, "oh no! another bitter story!"

let's not say that i'm a bitter individual anymore, i'm just tired of bullsh!t.


sleepy pie

i haven't slept in two days. which is a partial lie, because i have slept. but probably the smallest amount of sleep that the human body needs to limitly function.

and that statement just confirms the tiredness that runs through my veins.

just wanted to get down, that if you haven't notcied already, i'm trying to program a new look for brainwaves. when the waves have more peaks than valleys, you'll see it completed.